Casinos That Are Implementing Green Energy Solutions

Casinos are among the biggest establishments when it comes to adult entertainment. They also spend a lot on their amazing lighting and electronic slots. Besides, they have several other things that need a lot of power, such as the air-conditioning systems. 

These are the things that casinos can never compromise on. Such establishments were created specifically to cater to those looking for an exciting nightlife. So, how can they attract customers without all those luminescent banners, flickering lights, shiny exteriors, and giant projectors? In fact, even an average-sized casino needs as much electricity as a huge shopping mall. 

Considering this, one can imagine how much this massive energy consumption is harming the environment. However, there are some casinos that have taken the greener route to do their bit to save the environment.

1. Peppermill Resort Spa Casino

Located in the city of Reno in the Nevada state of the United States, this is a huge casino. Peppermill Resort Spa Casino comprises two 19-storey towers and offers plenty of modern facilities for its guests. The casino depended on four natural gas boilers to keep its customers warm during winters. 

It took them a while to realize the fact that natural gas is extremely unstable. If one of the boilers exploded, it would’ve taken the other three with it. The explosion would’ve been powerful enough to completely destroy the two towers, killing thousands of individuals. The casino, therefore, switched to green energy in 2010. 

They replaced natural gas boilers with geothermal aquifiers. It extracts hot water from beneath the casino into the boilers. In these boilers it heats copper tubes filled with tap water. This is then distributed to the entire resort. In recent times, they’re saving around $2 million annually as a result.

2. Rincon Casino

Rincon Casino is located in San Diego, a city in the state of California in the United States. This casino now uses a farm of solar panels located nearby to run its air-conditioning system. It has cost them $8 million. The project is one of the biggest attempts by a private business to switch to solar energy, although partially. 

It has also received support from the California Solar Initiative, paying more than half the project’s cost. The resort now provides lighting with the help of solar power. It also has a solar-heated pool. The resort won’t require nuclear power at all if it continues using more of the solar energy.

3. Ontario Lottery and Gaming

This corporation has been working towards making their casinos eco-friendly for several years now. With a strong partnership with Bullfrog Power, this Canadian company ensures that all their casinos run only on green energy. This is not just limited to heating or air-conditioning. Every single device or equipment that needs power in their casinos are run on green energy. 

Ontario Lottery and Gaming has always taken some great environment-friendly initiatives. One excellent example is that they use less paper for their lottery tickets. Making their casinos run on renewable and clean energy has been their biggest and the most expensive initiatives. They first began by implementing this in only two of their casinos. 

It covered five more in 2010. All of the company’s casinos were running on clean energy by 2015. This lottery and gambling establishment has proved how companies can switch over to green energy successfully.