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How Continued Usage of Fossil Fuels Affects Our Planet

By isaiah

It takes millions of years for fossil fuels to form from organic materials of the earth. Today, the fossil fuels including coal, natural gas, and oil are the primary source of energy in the world. All these fossil fuels have been used over the past few decades by several countries for their economic development.  However,…

5 Best Energy Efficient Buildings in the World

By isaiah

There was a time when energy-efficient buildings would mean individual users saving on utilities and cost of operations. In recent times, sustainable building design has taken on an entirely different meaning. Today, the real estate developers and architects are focusing more on employing environment-friendly methods.  In order to make this happen, the buildings are constructed…

Top 4 Countries That Are Investing in Future Energy Solutions

By isaiah

Countries across the globe are investing in a low-carbon future to bring down the levels of global warming. Many of them have been successful in using solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources on a large scale. The finances continue to flow towards technologies that can help in the development of renewable energy.  In 2019,…