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Topics in Energy – Wind Power

Posted on 02 July 2014

Topics in Energy – Wind Power

Wind energy is a form of energy that’s growing in the United States. Wind mills and wind turbines are the vehicles used to harness this form of energy. Wind energy has been around for a long time. In 5000 B.C. the Egyptians used wind energy to move their boats down the Nile River. In 200 B.C. the Chinese used windmills to pump water. In the 11th century people in the Middle East used it to produce food. This knowledge was taken to Europe, where the Dutch changed the structure of the windmill. They were able to use this windmill to get water from lakes. The United States used the windmill when it was bought here in the 19th century by the settlers. Farmers and new industries used it for harvesting and manufacturing goods with electricity

How does a wind turbine work? Basically the wind hits the blades and it creates a magnetic field. Whenever a magnetic field is present an electric field is created, thus you get the power from the wind turbine. Another way of saying it is; turbines convert kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Wind energy has positives and negatives. Wind energy is clean; it does not pollute or contaminate the air or soil. Wind energy is also free; there is plenty of it, depending on the weather. It is also renewable; it does not run out. Also wind energy reduces the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Although the positives of wind energy are outstanding, there are negatives. Wind is nature, it does not blow at the same rate every day. Users are totally dependent on the weather. Another negative of the wind turbine is, if you do not get wind you may have to do without energy for a time. Additionally, a severe storm might damage or destroy a wind turbine. Unfortunately, wind turbines are dangerous for animals. Birds fly right into the turbine and die. Humans and animals are turned off by the sheer size of a wind turbine and the loud noise they produce.

It is best to understand how the pros and cons affect each specific area. If a wind turbine is placed in an area that won’t interfere in the lives of people or animals, people might be able to tolerate them. Industries and communities will have to continue to figure out how to best use this free and fairly safe form of energy. Overall and in addition to wind energy, companies across the country are working to provide efficient energy options to consumers, as well as those that are economically and environmentally sound. Providers like Cunningham Energy, for example, invest in the development of new technologies that can improve their process and offer the best energy solutions to the public (see the BBB listing for Cunningham Energy).

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