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Successful Methods of Oil Drilling & Exploration

Posted on 03 November 2014

There are many different techniques used for oil and natural gas drilling. Originally both have been drilled vertically. The depths have been from just a few thousand feet to five miles. However, now the natural gas and oil companies are able to get to more reserves and lessen the impact on the environment by using other new techniques. They do this by being able to make smaller holes with their drills, making less noise, staying away from sensitive ecosystems and finishing jobs quicker.

Another method of drilling is horizontal drilling. This type of drilling begins with a vertical well that turns horizontal within reservoir rock. The more exposure length, the more oil or natural gas can be obtained and the faster it can flow.

Multilateral drilling is another common drilling method used to extract oil. There may be oil and natural gas reserves located in separate layers underground. Multilateral drilling lets producers tap reserves at different depths, increasing the production from a single well.

Extended Reach drilling is accomplished by having extended reach drills, which let the producers reach deposits at great distances from the drilling rig. This can allow the tapping of oil and natural gas under surface because a vertical well cannot be drilled.

There is one more method called complex path drilling. Complex well paths possess many twists and turns to hit several different accumulations from a single well location. This is more cost effective.

Complex path drilling is another way to extract oil and natural gas. This type of drilling can be used to try to access as many accumulations from a single well location as it can. All of these new techniques seem to be ecofriendly, and keep the need for drilling multiple wells at a minimum. They are also cost effective because they reduce the need for other wells to be drilled.

A company that is currently using these new drilling technologies is Cunningham Energy from West Virginia. The company was formed to acquire, explore, and produce oil and gas in several prime drilling locations in the United States. Cunningham Energy has been using horizontal wells a means to drill and extract oil. The company looks forward to becoming a part of the new concept that is horizontal drilling. They plan on using this new method of drilling for their Rhino drilling program in the Appalachian Basin.

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