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Shale Gas Controversy

Posted on 01 November 2011

Shale Gas Controversy

Many people have worries about shale gas production in the US. There are concerns about chemical usage, waste getting into the water supply and possible explosions from fracking. While these concerns are valid there have been advancements in technology and environmental regulations that ensure safe extraction of shale gas.

Fracking involves drilling a hole deep into shale rock which contains natural gas and then pumping high pressure water mixed with sand and chemicals to open up tiny fissures in the rock where trapped gas in located. Once the fissures are open the gas bubbles up and is captured. Following the gas extraction, the chemicals used are captured and transported to a facility which insures it will safely be disposed of.

When fracking is done properly there is no reason for environmental concerns and because natural gas is a valuable energy alternative, the United States have opened up numerous shale gas locations.

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