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Oil and Natural Gas Production

Posted on 05 November 2013

The oil and gas industry is something that is constantly evolving. Moreover, it is completely dependent upon world events that seemingly have nothing to do with oil and gas. All of these things conspire to affect the amount of fuel that oil and gas producers are able to refine, thus affecting the price of oil and gas the world over. Many major producers such as Exxon, Citgo and BP have developed something of a tarnished reputation in recent years, for a number of reasons. However, it is fair to say that without these producers the entire world would likely grind to a halt.

The resulting products that come from oil and gas refinement are used to power automobiles and heat and cool homes throughout the United States and in most other countries around the world. In addition, fuel must be used to power generators, boats and aircraft, as well as to allow people to cook in their homes. It is even essential in many cases to power homes, which is something that many people do not automatically connect with oil and gas production. However, it is essential for power companies to be able to connect lines and perform daily operations.

Oil and gas production is a process that involves a great deal of work at major refineries. It is first collected in large lines that are underground or it is imported from other countries and delivered to oil and gas refineries where it can be further processed into a usable product. This involves removing most of the impurities and concentrating the fuel so that it is effective. It can then be trucked out to various locations.

The environmental impact of oil and gas production has long been a cause for debate. It is something that almost every individual depends on in order to live life the way that people are accustomed to, yet it is something that poses a great danger to nature and to the humans and animals that live in it. The full environmental impact is seen whenever there is a spill. One only has to think of the fire and subsequent oil spill that occurred at an offshore rig owned by BP a few years ago.

However, most independent producers like Cunningham Energy take several measures to ensure that the environment is not harmed; including placing redundant safety measures on oil rigs and in refineries that are intended to prevent such accidents from happening. Furthermore, a great deal of research is done on developing clean energy solutions such as wind power and hydropower. The intent is that the country will slowly move toward using clean energy more often.

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