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Invest in Energy from Shale

Posted on 22 March 2012

Invest in Energy from Shale

Energy from shale is import to our economy – It’s local, it’s affordable, and it’s abundant. Investing in energy from shale means more jobs and a better economy, Today, with the high unemployment rate nationwide and an unpredictable economy, it’s important to have affordable and local fuel sources.  Expensive oil keeps the cost of natural gas appealing and decreases our dependency on foreign fuel sources.  American fuel, “coast to coast and together with supplies from Canada [provides] more than 99% of our domestic needs.”  According to a recent study North America has at least a 100-year supply of natural gas.

What is fracking? Fracking is the process that drilling companies goes through in order to release natural gas from Shale rock formations.  The production of natural gas from shale formations is more accessible because of advances in fracking technology. The advances in the technology make fracking for shale  easier and more accessible to access natural gas.  Natural gas is by far the cleanest burning fossil fuel and releases the least amount of carbon emissions into the air compared to other fossil fuels, coal and oil.

Natural gas has many residential, commercial and industrial uses.  See below:

  • Residential uses: Stove cooktops, dryers and home heating
  • Commercial uses: Heating and cooling offices, schools and hospitals
  • Industrial uses: Preheating metals, glass melting and food processing
  • Power generation: Operation of gas turbines to create electricity
  • Transportation fuel: Transit buses, trucks, vans and passenger cars

There are many uses for natural gas, and new technologies are being developed to discover more ways to benefit from its abundance. Increased production of natural gas creates economies and could potentially create new economies in previously devastated domestic cities.

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