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How Saurya EnerTech’s purifier Swajal uses solar energy to give clean water at an affordable rate

Posted on 18 August 2014

What if India was able to provide clean drinking water to its poorest citizens at truly affordable rates? What if that water was harvested from the ground and purified by clean solar energy so efficiently that it used less than one third the energy a regular solar purifier used? What if the actual purification of water could be customized to the region — areas with high flouride or arsenic versus areas with high bacterial pollutants getting different cleaning processes working for them — and the water dispensed with the help of a smartcard?

If this sounds like a fairy tale, keep reading. Because several start-ups are beginning to tackle problems relating to water. From too much (e.g. water logging) to too little. One such innovation is Swajal, which uses solar energy to purify drinking water at an affordable rate.

Search for Funds “Water is the most basic resource that all of us share. We want it to be free for everyone,” says Vibha Tripathi, one of the co-founders of Saurya EnerTech. She spun off Swajal as a fully owned subsidiary in 2013. The start-up has recently set up five prototypes of its solar-powered water purifier and is ready to take the machine to market.

The Swajal machine is designed with the capability of nine stages of filtration and installed with a proprietary GSM software that continuously monitors whether the machine is working at its installation point. “We are still working on the software to see if it can monitor water purity remotely,” says Tripathi.


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