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Home Improvement for Energy Efficiency

Posted on 14 January 2014

Home Improvement for Energy Efficiency

When the time comes to renovating your home, one of the areas that you should serious consider is replacing your windows. While there may be other areas of the home that are more pressing, not many can offer the homeowner as many benefits as new replacement windows. Here are just a few of the benefits to replacing your windows this winter.

Lower Energy Costs
One of the biggest benefits to replacing your windows is your home heating costs will drop significantly. Older windows are drafty and the cold air can easily enter through loose frames. Caulking and adding weather seal are temporary fixes around the windows. New windows are much thicker and fit snug in the window frame to eliminate any drafts. Companies offering windows for sale can offer tips about the most energy efficient options. Lower heating bills and lower air conditioning costs in the summer will have your utility bills dropping all year round.

Earning a Tax Credit
When you add new replacement windows in your home, the federal government will issue you a tax credit if they fall into the guidelines listed on their website. The reason for the tax break is because when you reduce your home energy costs, you are lessening your carbon footprint and conserving the resources of the planet. The credit can help you to increase your tax refund and get some of that money back in your pockets come tax time.

Better Home Security
Older windows are much easier for a burglar to open with a pry bar or screwdriver. When your add new replacement windows to your home you lessen the likelihood that a burglar can access the home by way of the window. Newer windows have a much tighter seal and the locking mechanisms make them extremely difficult to be opened from the outside. Your new replacement windows do not have weak spots that a professional can find and use to their advantage. Your new windows will protect your family much better than those old loose windows can.

Increased Curb Appeal
When you replace the windows in your home, the curb appeal increases dramatically. It is one thing to have a beautiful home, but when it comes time to resell your home you just increased the value significantly. Many people simply fall in love with a home before they even walk in the front door. When you purchase replacement windows you can choose from a variety of styles that will truly transform the look of your home.

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