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Famous Skyscrapers in the New York City Area to Visit

Posted on 01 December 2016

One of New York City’s biggest attractions has always been its famous skyline and the skyscrapers that make it so impressive. Some of them are nearly a century old, and some only recently completed, but all are enough to make you want to crane your neck and see to the very top. Most of them would have an interesting story to tell if they could only speak, and quite a few have also been seen in movies.

The Empire State Building

Completed in 1931, this iconic old building is Tony Malkin’s masterpiece. At 103 stories and including the antenna spire, it reaches a magnificent 1,454 feet, and held the record for tallest building in the world almost 40 years. The view from the observation deck of the Empire State Building gives new meaning to the word “limitless.” After the tragedy of 9/11 it was briefly once again the tallest skyscraper in New York until the completion of “One World Trade Center” in 2012 surpassed its height.

Now, it is again the second tallest building in New York and one that often ends up on a persons “places to visit” list when planning a trip to the city. Most of us have seen the original King Kong where Fay Wray was carried to the top in his massive hand, but she isn’t the only famous name that’s been seen in or around this building. Stars are just like the rest of us when it comes to some things and having your picture taken with the Empire State Building is a must do when in New York.

40 Wall Street “The Trump Building”

Built nearly a century ago in 1930, 40 Wall Street is 71 stories tall and took 11-months to complete. Originally this skyscraper was known as the Bank of Manhattan Building until a banking merger and it was renamed the Chase Manhattan. Now, it’s known as the Trump Building, owned by President Donald Trump, and is the filming location for his popular TV show “The Apprentice.” Visitors to this landmark may not see the President there but they might see a familiar face to two from the television show.

One World Trade Center

Originally known as the Freedom Tower, this massive monument is 104 stories tall, and reaches 1,776 ft to honor the year the U.S “Declaration of Independence” was born. One World Trade Center is the tallest building in New York City or anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere. To reach the top area which has been dedicated to tourism one must pass two inspiring pools named “Reflecting Absence.” These two beautiful pools were created to honor the missing and dead of 9/11. If you see nothing else while in New York, visiting them is worth the whole trip.

These are just a few of the buildings that have made New York’s record setting skyscrapers famous. People who visit for the first time are generally awed by the sheer majesty of them all, and if there isn’t time to view every one, it isn’t long before they plan the next trip. There is just something about tall buildings, and the feeling that comes when you’re at the top is hard to describe. Wonder would come close though.

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