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Famous buildings in NYC that are environmentally friendly

Posted on 27 January 2016

In significant urban communities the whole way across America, being green is turning out to be more well known. It is by all accounts the best approach, and it spares cash from multiple points of view. In one of the greatest urban areas on the planet, New York City, being green is vital more so now than ever. Finding a green building in New York City is not a troublesome as some of you might think. The city has supported a green building initiative and notwithstanding developing the quantity of construction regulations requiring new and existing structures to consolidate green innovation. The city brags more than 519 million square feet of green building space and is the present number one among US urban areas in diminishing vitality use and expanding viability using the LEED accreditation program. Highlights in today’s green structures change from low income housing to the most notable structures to diminish carbon outflows by 80%.

There are several famous buildings located throughout New York City. Some of these buildings have been upgraded to be more sustainable and reduce the emission the put out. The Empire State Building, The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, and even the World Trade Center.

The Empire State Building is an old building and making it more sustainable was a large task, but it was doable. It was a comprehensive retrofit thought out by Anthony Malkin for this large building. The team with such diversity this project has made many cost effective and impactful measures to make the Empire State building more sustainable, some improvements are reducing lighting power by utilizing ambient lighting, direct or indirect and task lighting. These improvements will allow electric lights to be off or operate dimmed depending on the availability of daylight.

Another famous building was the World Trade Center Towers. Although these towers were destroyed in the attacks on September 11, 2001, the current building, the Freedom Tower. Some of the green features is a waste steam recycling, recycled rain water, and Recycled building materials. The new World Trade Center is already 75 percent “old,” at least in terms of materials. These are just some of the sustainable features of the Freedom Tower.

Making a building green, regardless of its age, is important for the future of our world. We need to make our world better than our parents let to us. The more we do to reduce emissions the better it will be.

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