Energy Saving Solutions this Winter

Posted on 30 November 2012

Energy Saving Solutions this Winter

With winter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how you can decrease your energy use through the cold months and save money on heating and energy costs in your home. Many home owners are wasting more energy than they realize; and while energy conservation involves smart and continued behaviors, using tools to detect and correct energy waste can help you identify problem areas and prevent future waste.

A prime example of energy waste in homes is energy that is leaked through the windows and roof of your property. Using tools to measure and detect areas of energy leakage can help you save money on your monthly utilities. If you find, for example, that you are losing a certain percentage of energy through your roof, you can then make sure that cavities where energy is escaping are properly sealed and insulated.

Take a look at some popular energy saving instruments and tips on how to utilize them in your home.

Laser Thermometer: These digital devices report highly accurate temperature readings and can identify locations in your home that are losing heat energy. Some models include a USB connection so that you can store and track energy data on your home computer for analysis.

Thermal Imaging Equipment: Rather than measuring visible light, thermal imaging devices detect and measure heat radiation. Electricians can use this type of equipment to locate electrical wiring and observe the flow of electricity in a home to ensure that energy is not being wasted.

Electrical Power Analyzer: Such devices have a variety of uses that include the ability to measure the circulation of energy throughout a home, as well as the amount of energy that is consumed. Power analyzers are a great solution for both home and business owners to measure and track energy output in effort to identify areas of waste and reduce costs.

Companies like Energy Education Inc. can help you evaluate your energy usage and take control of your energy costs.


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