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Energy Providers in the US

Posted on 02 January 2014

Energy Providers in the US

Energy providers make it possible for people to have electricity in their homes, offices and in other commercial properties. Without electricity, so many things we do day to day would not be efficient or even possible. The power that generates electricity can be generated in various ways including:

  • Wind power
  • Coal
  • Solar power
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal power
  • Natural gas
  • Nuclear power
  • Biomass

Here’s a look at some energy providers across the country.

Southern California Edison

Southern California Edison is an Edison international company. This is a company that has helped to give power to Southern California and Central California for over 125 years. It is even one of the nation’s largest energy providers. The energy is reliable, affordable and most importantly, safe. They say that safety comes first with this company. In addition, the great thing about this company is that they show a great deal of care for the environment.

Minnesota Power

One of the great things about Minnesota Power is that they are providing over 26,000 miles of electric service territory to the people. They are mainly located in the Northeastern part of Minnesota. This is a company that has many renewable energy programs that can help people to save money on their electric bill. For example, they have both a SolarSense rebate program, and they have a renewable wind energy program. They service over 144,000 different customers, so it is safe to say that they are pretty big.

Florida Power And Light Company

This is a company that offers useful tips on saving money for electricity. They serve around 4.6 million customers, and they provide the state with more than 10,000 jobs. Florida Power And Light has one of the lowest energy emissions in the country.

Cunningham Energy

An independent producer of oil and gas, Cunningham Energy was founded in 2008 and is based out of Charleston, West Virginia. The company works primarily in the Appalachian, Illinois, and Williston Basins and has evolved with the application of new technologies that have emerged within the field of energy production.

Con Edison Of New York

This company has been in business for over 180 years. They also own and operate the world’s largest stream system. This is a company that powers a large part of New York City. Con Edison delivers energy and gas. Also, they respond if there are any emergencies.

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