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Buffalo-Peniel Oilfield Sold to Independent Energy Provider

Posted on 23 September 2014

The privately owned Cunningham Energy has begun its expansion into existing and potential oil producing areas of the Appalachian mountain basin with its recent purchase of a 2,700 acre existing oil field in West Virginia’s Jackson and Roane counties.

Drilling Impact fee in Pennsylvania

Posted on 09 February 2012

Pushed by Pennsylvania’s Republican Governor, Tom Corbett, the first-ever drilling fee on Pennsylvania’s natural gas drilling industry will be instated. The bill passed by congress with much debate, but in a move to support the oil and gas industry, the Pennsylvania state Senate and House voted in favor of Marcellus Shale legislation.

Environmental groups, local officials, public health experts and tens of thousands of residents have questioned the motives of the oil and gas industry – worried about the side effects, the environment, and the economy. Pennsylvania Fracking has regular updates on the fracking industry as a whole and what it means for the state of Pennsylvania.

Washington – API Workshops Begin this Week

Posted on 02 February 2012

In Pennsylvania alone, Pennsylvania Fracking could support 156,000 jobs and generate $12.8 billion in economic activity.