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A Traffic Jam or A Parking Lot?

Posted on 29 February 2012

A Traffic Jam or A Parking Lot?

The future of energy is one of the most talked about subjects. Whether you are learning about energy usage in school, working in politics, or a member of the community worried about rising energy costs.

Energy Education tweeted, “You don’t have to believe in climate change to solve it,” says Lovins. “Everything we do to raise energy efficiency will make money, improve security and health, and stabilize climate.” “will make money, improve security & health & stabilize climate” – Amory Lovins.

Some people are still not convinced that global warming exists, which you don’t necessarily need to believe in global warmer to conserve energy. However, this story about a traffic jam that was a 10-day parking lot, might help you realize the severity of increased population and its relationship to energy usage.

Two billion more people will live on this Earth by the year 2050. Last August, outside of Beijing, China, a traffic jam stretched more than 6o miles at 2 miles per day speeds. The traffic jam took 10-days to clean up. China is the world’s biggest car market. In Beijing alone, a city of 20 million, the total number of vehicles is expected to hit 7 million by 2015. the city’s roads can accommodate 6.7 million vehicles.

As our population continues to grow, the more important the way we use energy will be. Can you imagine the amount of pollutions that two billion more people will make by the year 2050? If we take the right steps now, and if energy policies continue to push residential and commercial buildings to conserve energy, we might be able to get there.

Source: The Hindu

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