5 Islamic Relief Organizations Operating in Washington and Virginia

Posted on 18 September 2017

Over the last one decade, the number of displaced persons and refugees has reached 50 million. These individuals have no choice but to depend on the generosity of other citizens and countries. Typically, faith-based charity groups are the first groups in responding to the humanitarian crisis. To this end, various Islamic religion charity groups actively help refugees from such countries as Iran, Lebanon, Syria, and Turkey living in the United States or other countries.

The Islamic based relief groups work with citizens or good will and government to fundraise money which they use in their activities. This list includes five Islamic-based relief groups that operate in Washington DC and Virginia that help individuals in distress from Middle East countries. Persons of good will can donate their monetary resources to these organizations to help those in need.

The Halo Trust
The Hallo Trust has its offices in the Washington, DC. It is a non-profit organization which creates a safe environment for individuals affected by the debris of war or landmines. Currently, the Halo Trust has volunteers working in more than 19 territories and countries including in the Middle East. Its mission s protecting the lives of people fleeing from landmines as well as war debris. To this end, the relief group works towards ensuring that these persons return to their communities and homes. Among the celebrities that fund the Halo Trust is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie through their Jolie-Pitt Foundation.

The Tetra Tech ARD
This is a nonprofit Islamic relief organization that is based in Virginia. The organization works to help individuals in the Middle East who are distressed. To this end, the organization aims at positively influencing the global landscape by spreading goodwill and relief to people who are in the middle of major conflicts in the world.

The Islamic Relief USA
IRUSA is an international development and relief organization that has permanent offices in more than 35 nations. The organizations have offices across the United States such as in Washington. It helps individuals who are distressed from any region including the Middle East.

The Muslim Aid
It provides long-term assistance, emergency services as well as charitable work this alleviating pain of people who are suffering and need relief. It also focuses on developing sustainable development programs thus tackling poverty levels.

The Global Giving
This nonprofit organization has relief activities in more than 165 countries around the world. Global Giving has its international headquarters in Washington DC. Its goals are to feed the hungry. Protect the planet, help individuals who have been faced with disaster. Additionally, Global Giving allows Dr. Mohamed Attawai to share his wealth with people in distress in the Middle East. The organization is funded by almost 600, 000 donors such as Matt and Luciana Damon, Oprah, and Bill and Miranda Gates.

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