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Keeping Your Home Pest Free This Season

Posted on 08 May 2013

Keeping Your Home Pest Free This Season

While some pests like ants, bedbugs, and termites are fairly universal, others are native to specific areas, and may multiple because of unusual weather patterns. For example, residents are working towards pest control in Maryland due to especially high populations of cankerworms which are eating the leaves off trees, and causing defoliation. Little things such as transporting firewood can spread these pests and their eggs.
Maintaining cleanliness, frequently throwing out trash, and securing gaps in foundation can help minimize intrusive pests in the house. When pests have been detected, some people turn towards home remedies. Particular scents such as cinnamon oil, peppermint, and even common salt can help ward off unwanted critters. The effectiveness, however, of these home remedies is debated as homeowners have to use these solutions repeatedly. When it comes to traditional pests, most people recommend hiring and expert.

“It’s 110 percent safer to have a professional do it than to spray Raid,” says George Williams, a staff entomologist at a removal service in Norwood, Massachusetts, “because the homeowner doesn’t understand the biology and behavior of the pest. Their strategy is to spray all over, instead of where the pests are. They always over apply.”

A technical director at Green Plant Pest Control in Boston compares pest control to medicine, highlighting the importance of getting to the root of the disease, not just treating the symptoms, and asking an expert for his or her opinion on the subject.

Maintaining healthy exteriors are also important to prevent pests from coming inside. Basic tips include trimming shrubs and trees, along with maintaining good soil. To remove pests outdoors, some experts recommend bringing ladybugs, crickets, frogs, and other harmless critters that will eat unwanted pests.

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